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    November 4, 2013
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alleged exgunman from a woman that knew him well. how long was he plotting the attack? she only talks to cnn. >> the trained divers on board leaping for their lives. we hear from one of the jumpers on board. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris chrome, kate baldwin and mikalah per era. >> good morning. it is monday, 6:00 in the east. coming up, we will be talking elections. before you say it's a little early to be talking about the mid-terms, let alone 2016, it's all about moves that indicate later moves when it comes to politic, including election day for new jersey governor chris christieest. we also have a major senator essentially endorsing hillary clinton over the weekend. what does that mean? >> rocking the nfl.
you see there, that coach collapsing on the field. also, we have new information this morning about the miami dolphins player who left the team over allegeled bullying. now there is more things on how this 320 pound tackle was bullied and how one player involved is suspended. if you look at the calendar, we are one week to the big shopping day. beginning with christ somalis, the bigger question. is this a good thing? >> let's begin with the health scare this morning for the coach from the nfl houston texans. 52-year-old gary kubiak, they say he did not have a heart attack. the question is, what happened? cnn is live in houston with details. ed, what do we know? >> reporter: well, good morning, chris. all of this unfolded in front of
70,000 fans in alliance stadium in houston and a national television audience, when coach kubiak according to executives started feeling dizzy and light headed. you can see the texan's coach on the side line when he suddenly falls to his knees. long time colleagues rushed to his side. the teams were walking off on alf time when the 52-year-old coach fell ill. this was the scene in houston as he was rushed off the field on a gurney. concerned, nfl fans watching from the stands. >> he went down to his knee. he couldn't get back up. it looked like he was having trouble breathing. >> the family was rushed to the hospital. >> the ambulance is on its way to the hospital. >> all his vital signs are good. he did not have a heart attack.
but they're still checking on him after the game. >> after the game, a rival player said they are pulling for the coach. >> i know he's a great football man, hopefully, he will be all right. i think a great when, but all our thoughts and prayers are with him. >> reporter: qubik's health scare comes a day after denver's scott fox was hospitalized following a pre-existing health situation. he felt dizzy at his home on saturday. the 58-year-old coach is now in the hospital awaiting surgery to replace an aortic valve and faces weeks of recovery. and, kate, this morning, gary kubiak is still in the hospital. as far as we know, a feel executive said last night he was undergoing a series of tests an moting with specialistles. the team executive said they hope at some point coach kubiak
will rejoin the team today. we will see how that plays out. kate. >> i hope the coach is feeling better. let move to a cnn exclues toive. new details of the man accused of gunning down a tsa officer. paul ciancia is in critical condition. a woman who says she knows him well is filling in some of the blanks telling cnn what he might have been thinking and doing shortly before the incident. we have that exclusive angle to the story. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, kate. this woman has a fascinating story to tell. it is amazing she is an ordinary woman that found herself in an extraordinary circumstance. she wants to remain anonymous. she doesn't want her life associated with paul ciancia. days before this rampage, this woman says ciancia was already plotting his crime.
>> he asked whether he could have a ride to the zblarpt why did he need a ride? >> he was going back home, his dad was sick. he had family issues. >> did anyone see a ticket? >> he mentioned what day he had to leave. >> reporter: she says he rarely left his san fernando apartment, describing him as socially awkward and a heavy smoker f. day he put his alleged plan into action, she says, it took his roommate by surprise. >> that morning, he doesn't knock, just opens the door and says i need to leave, can you take me now? >> ciancia's roommates believe this was the moment he texted family members in new jersey telling them he was going to commit suicide. >> that prompted frantic calls. police came to ciancia's home. >> he has a bag, gets in the car? >> yeah. >> off they go. a short time later, a knock at the door? >> yes yes. >> police? >> why are the police there? >> thigh heard paul was suicidal
and they figured, we'll go check on him. >> she says the two other roommates were handcuffed as police searched the premises. paul already gone, no sign of a gun. police say he took his military weapon, a smith and wesson .223 rifle, hopped out of his car and began seeking out tsa agents to kill. >> did he ever express any hatred towards the government and nsa? >> all the nsa findings that came out this year, he was upset about it and thought tsa abused their power. >> tsa said this picture is legitimate. he was shot at least twice. his face and neck hit. he is wearing chinos, a polo shirt. no ballistic vest no. special clothing. he looks like any other traveler. >> at that moment they're seeing this on the tv the third roommate comes back and says, i just dropped off paul at lax. they just knew, they knew you
dropped off paul to a shooting. >> oh, absolutely amazing story. the other victims in this, two tsa agents that were shot by mr. ciancia, allegedly so they have been relessed from the hospital. a traveler shot in the leg is in fair condition and ciancia as i understand it from sources in law enforcement may have been shot as many as five times t. irony of all this, if he survives those injuries, he may face the death penalty. chris, back to you. >> thank you so much, miguel. such a terrifying scene playing out friday morning. more on the morning headline, mikaela. >> let's look at the political charged trial of ousted president morsi began this morning but was quickly adjourned after an outburst in court. egypt state run tv says the defendants were chanting calling the court invalid and morsi refused to wear the required white clothing. the muslim brotherhood are
facing charges stemming charges outside the presidential palace last year. another airport scare in birmingham, alabama days after that deadly lax shooting, a note containing a threat was found in the bthroom yesterday. flights were diverted, the terminal shut down, a sweep by the bomb squad found nothing and normal travel resumed after two hours. it goes up tore a test 58 later today, president obama in a blog vote urging congress to pass the measure saying there is prod support for the bill among americans and it should be the law of the land. a 19-year-old man is recovering this morning after quite bizarre scenario. he was froed from 2009 two buildings in new york city. firefighters say a student at nyu was stuck in a space about six to 12 inches wide. he had been stuck there for almost two days. once he was found, it took
officials about an hour-and-a-half to break through three layers of cinder block to pull the man free. it is not sure how he got there. he may have fallen out a window into that space. forget snakes on a plane. how about an alligator at an airport. this was an alligator found under an escalator. an employer used a broom and dustpan to capture the reptile. it has been nicknamed aloby employees. it will eventually be placed in other home where the climate might be warmer an conducive. >> i have an alligator, i was using a dustpan, i personified it there. >> is that don corleone? >> i don't know what happened. >> we will work on our alligator voices here as we get to karen mcginnis with the forecast. >> good morning, chris, kate.
yes, a very cold start to the day in the northeast in new england. temperatures only in the 20s and 30s. it should be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than that. there are now freeze warnings for portions of maryland, extending to new york, where temperatures are exceptionally cool this time of year. it should be about 40 degrees. >> that will be about the day time high. 47 for new york city a. nice warming trend. as we go towards the latter portion of the workweek, it is going to be increase theingly cloudy. another weather system that will sweep across the mid-west with some snow is going to make it across northeastern new england. we will modify it a bit. take a look at this, sr 520. a swimming bridge from seattle to redmond. this was swaying about 5 feet or so. the winds were gusting to 50 miles an hour. people were terrified on the bridge with the high waves and the high winds, about 50 cardsr cars were abandoned.
it has been since 2006 was the last time they shut this bridge down. as you can imagine just how terrifying that was. and they have since reopened it, the weather system has now moved on. chris, kate, back to you. >> yeesh, my goodness, karen, thanks for the weather. how about dhoeps, did you see how close they were? i know they got to keep poem from getting on the bridge. >> i'm not going any further u further. coming up on "new day," a few proceed from edward snowden. he says he's no criminal. wait until you hear our response from the leaders in the nation's capitol. he says he is sorry for past mistakes for smoking co-cable. he will not resign and he wants the public to see the alleged evidence. t thing i need. seriously? let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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. >> welcome back to "new day." edward snowden has issued a manifesto of truth. he says the u.s. should cut him some slack. but in washington, there is little debate about what should happen to him. cnn's barbara starr is at the pentagon. barbara, what do we know about this. >> reporter: good morning, chris. edward snowden thought enough time might have passed that the government might be treating him more carefully. well, the government's message to edward snowden.
think again. white house senator adviser daniel pfeiffer was asked if there are conditions under which president obama would consider clemency. >> none that have been discussed. none at all. >> the chatter about forgiveness has been sparked in this magazine, which published his manifesto for the truth in which he says he saw a positive reaction to the disclosure and wants the u.s. to stop treating him like a criminal. snowden says, quote, the people must fight against the suppression of information about issues of public significance. whoever speaks the truth is not a criminal. snowden's fate is one of the few areas these days where both parties seem to agree. >> if he wants to come back and own up to the responsibility of the fact that he took and stole information, he violated his
oath. he disclosed classified information, that, by the way, has allowed three different terrorist organizations, affiliates of al qaeda to change the way they communicate, i'd be happy to have that discussion with him. >> reporter: for now, snowden stays in moscow. there has been discussion of him traveling to germany, but snowden also wants assurances the germans won't turn him over, of course, angela merkel's government is furious at finding out the u.s. was spying on it, another snowden revelation. now, snowden still sees himself as a whistle blower. the government's position is he followed no legal procedure to report what he believed was wrongdoing by the u.s. government. they say he took classified information and ran. kate. >> all right, boar practice, thank you so much for that. now to a bizarre and fascinating story involving a big city mayor accused of smoking crack cocaine, the mayor of toronto is now speaking out against the
latest video that they say shows him using drugs. well, he wants it all released and the public then to decide his fate. nick valencia has the latest. >> reporter: after months of bombshell headlines, it was what toronto mayor rob ford had to stay on his radio show sunday that had everyone listening. >> i have made mistakes and all i can do right now is apologize for the mistakes. >> reporter: in a news conference last thursday, toronto's police chief says nay have video of what appears to be the mayor smoking from a glass pipe. ford repeatedly denied using the pipe since the allegations in may. on sunday, he said that video should be made public. toronto residents deserve to see it and people need to judge for themselves what they see on this video. >> mayor ford was also featured
prominently in a 460-page police investigation into gang activity. the report important as much fwhoor it says about the mayor as what it doesn't say, page after page about ford's alleged drug abuse redaktd. but there were photo, including one of ford in front of what police say is a crackhouse with three men alleged to be gang members. under surveillance showed questionable behavior, the mayor seen with his one time driver arrested on charges. the mayor took responsibility, even if he's quite fought ready to say why he's apologizing. >> there is no one to blame by myself and i take full responsibility for it. i want to move forward. but i also know to move forward, i have to make changes in my life, which i can assure you
that i will do. i love the work i do and i'm going to keep doing it. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> an unreal story to be considering for the people of toronto. >> i don't get it. either he is abusing drugs or he isn't. kind of sounds like either the evidence isn't as clear as sugged or he wants to hold on, which if he is abusing drugs, it's not unusual. it's hard to make that change, if it's true. they got to show you the proof. >> regardless, it seems in the very least, it is a distraction from doing the business for running the city. >> you said it's been going on since may. either they have a case against him or they don't. this has been long enough. coming up on "new day," one day left before election day for some, big races in virginia and new jersey, what do these races tell us about if big races ahead for congress and the white house. we will have our political gut check. >> let's talk about bullying,
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. >> welcome back to "new day." it's time for our political gut check. it's the last day before two
high profile governor's races in new jersey and virginia. what is at stake beyond the governor's mansion? cnn's national correspondent john king is here to break it all down for us. so a big week for new jersey and virginia. why are folks saying the message sent from these outcomes reaches far beyond these states? what's in it for both parties? >> in the past, there have been clues, the odd year races if you will, kate, that tell us about maybe a transition at a party. we know we talked about this quite bit. the republican party is in a bit of a civil war. it looks like we will see a more moderate governor of nurnlgs chris christie in a blue state, rack up a pretty big victory. he is saying it is inevitable, people will start thinking of running for president 2016. on the flipside, democrats are having a republican governor after two democratic governors. virginia is now in the second tier of key presidential
battleground, right below ohio and florida, a key swing state. everyone will study the demographics for lessons headed in 2016. democrats would like to get that governor's office back as they go forward. if you have chris christie win in new jersey, ken cuccinelli lose in virginia, a lot of people will say the tea party candidate cuccinelli took beating and the guy that sometimes sticks in the eye of the tea party won big. >> there is a message to be learned there. the president was if virginia campaigning for terry mcauliffe the democratic candidate this weekend. he said the outcome will say a lot for virginia's future and about the country's future. but i do wonder if that is necessarily the case. because both parties will not be picking the presidential nominee for some three years. as we always say, there is a lot that can happen between now and then. >> there is a lot that can happen between now and then. if you want to put the party
demographics and the rising of the latino population or youth population in northern virginia, the college educated people around the pentagon, if you look at a state like virginia, it is one of the places, if we were having this conversation ten years ago, the fact that a democrat could have a success would be a surprise. virginia is a swing state in politics and at the state wide level. so the demographics of virginia are less. there are people talking kate, in ten years, texas will be a blue state. so it's one of the places you watch the shifting population, especially in a northern virginia suburb outside washington, d.c. have radically transformed state politics. that's what the president is talking about. president obama carried it twice. it had to go back to lynden johnson to get a president in presidential politics before the jimmy carter days when they were competitive. the big question has been is it a permanent change or is it going to be a swing state back and forth every four years? >> i also want to get your take,
john, the president, meme will read this that the president has pend over the weekend in huffington post. it's not either of the topics dominating the news for the administration at the moment, rather, he is pushing congress to pass a bill barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the work place. what's going on here? >> it's the employment non-discrimination act. this bill has languished for some time because of conservative opposition harriton reed said he will bring it up before thanksgiving. if you do the math, they have a filibuster proof, let's watch as that plays out. it would prohibit discrimination against gay americans in the work place. some say it's not necessary. those arguments have been put in place harriton reid says he will bring it to a vote. there is more about starting to reach out to more gay americans, trying to stop a tone of tolerant of pushing away, if you will. the question is, if it passes the senate, will the house
leadership bring it up for a vote? most believe there is majority support for it in the house. the leadership first has to decide whether to bring it to the floor. if this bill passes the senate, there is no big commitment to do that. you can be sure if it passes the senate, especially with a healthy margin, there will be pressure. >> they can send it with momentum over to the house. it doesn't matter, the leaders will bring it up then. >> interesting issue into the year when they bring it up. >> talk to you soon. >> happy monday. >> politics are never far away. let's go over to mikaela with the headlines. >> making news the houston texan's head coach is in stable condition this morning after a health scare at halftime during a game. gary kubiak collapsed as his team ran off the field t. team saying, though, the coach did not have a heart attack t. 52-year-old is in the hospital undergoing tests. he is said to have been conscious and talking when he
left the field. chilly new details of what happened in those hours before a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. someone who knows the subject, paul ciancia says he surprised a roommate by being taken to the airport. family members showed up at their apartment shortly afterwards, ciancia was already at laxa.tsa officer was killed. three other people wounded before police shot ciancia and he was hospitalized in critical condition. pakistan's prime minister, meeting with his top advisers today, reviewing relations with the u.s., following a drone strike with the leader on friday. massoud's group is blamed for killing thousands in a six-year battle against the state. pakistan leaders blasted the u.s., accusing washington of trying to scuttle peace efforts. could herbal supplements be not what they seem? researchers in canada used dna testing on 44 bottles and found
many of the pills were do i looted or the herbs inside were replaced by fillers like soy bean and wheat and rice. wow, "saturday night live" taking on the controversy over not having women of color on its cast. we told you this weekend. well, this weekend, kerry walk was asked to do a whole lot. >> i believe in a few minutes oprah will be here. >> thank you, plos baum. >> the producers would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of plaque women she had for the play. thank you to miss washington. an actress of considerable range and talent and also because snl does not currently have a black woman in the cast. >> i'm here! >> later, al sharpton came on and made a comment on the show, currently they do not have any black members, nine women
including washington has been asked to host. now the question, will they rectify the problem? kerry walk, funny, funny in her own right, funny. >> or they keep doing it their way and who they think are the smartest on funniest people and take the heat as it comes. she was funny. i might watch it again. coming up on "new day," you can't bully a 6 foot 5, 320 pound man? yes, you can. he says it forced him to leave the team. another player has been suspended. so now a debate. is this about bullying or being a man, end quotes? >> and it's not even thanksgiving. you know that well. but some stars are already launching their holiday specials. good news or scary news? christine romans is looking at the reasons why and also what you need to know coming up. >> good for you. scary for us.
let's go around the world, starting in egypt, kerry made a stop there during his middle east swing. >> reporter: well, here in cairo on sunday, secretary of state made it clear america's relationship with egypt was a vital one and insisted cutting aid was not a punishment, rather
a reflection of u.s. policy. he says the u.s. relationship with egypt was one that goes doper than aid. he is in riyadh today trying to smooth over glitches that have started with the saudis these past couple of months. back to you, kate. >> thanks, so much, mohammad. hundreds of paintings stolen by the nazis were found in a very unusual place. >> reporter: it's been called a staggering find by the art world. some 1,500 modern masterpieces found during a police raid in munich, arts by the like of picasso and matisse from the 1940s found in the flat of an 80-year-old man on suspicion of tax evasion. german authorities are not confirming or denying the presence of this art. it was revealed by a german publication valued to be over a billion dollars. back to you, kate.
>> all right, erin, thank you. we can only hope they get returned to the families that were stolen from. we have a new twist, bullying in the miami dolphins room may. one was suspended for conduct, in cogny to took to twitter to deny the claim. so still an evolving situation. cnn's john berman trying to track down some loan of reason here. >> you know, there is a lot going on here. i have to say the details are very murky. what is clear is that a 6 foot 5, 320 pound offensive tackle may not be the image when it comes to mind when you think of being a bullying victim. jonathan martin left the dolphins reportedly the victim of bullying since he joined the team. now, there is information what they have pushed him past his breaking point this morning, we are learning new details about
alleged player misconduct within the miami dolphins locker room that may have played a role in the abruptive departure last week. the miami herald reports citing an unnamed source that veteran players are pressuring younger players to pay for their high priced outings him one unnamed rookie is nearly broke because he can't say no to the older players the source told the herald. this weekend players tweeted about a lavished looking dinner, another joking about the dinner tab totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars, later adding the bill was split. he left after an incident with a group of players standing up and leaving when he joined them for lunch. the team released a statement in part saying we are taking these allegations very seriously and plan to review the matter further. >> if he was bullied, it certainly won be unique. >> that is a part of the nfl culture, especially for young
players, particularly rookies. it is the epitome of machismo and strength and posturing among men. >> this comes on the heels over the weekend that offensive lineman richie incogny to pressured martin into paying $15,000 for a trip to las vegas that martin wasn't even on. inkogsny to fought back on twitter writing, espn, shame on you for attaching my name to false speculation. i won't be holding by breath for an apology. they suspended him pending an outcome of the an investigation. >> we have a team first, accountability and respect for one another. any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent with the value of our organization. >> some of the teammates hopes martin returns soon. >> football team is like a family. every family has issues. we just want him to be all right
and, you know, i want him to come back to work. >> as we said incogny to has been suspended indefinitely. there is no word on when or if martin will return to the team t. dolphins are down two linemen right now. this is not about football area. it's a culture, what is going on behind the scenes. you hear about these meals, that has been going on a long time. it's hard to imagine it is just about picking up the tab of meals. >> one person speaking out over what has been going on. >> maybe it was the last straw. >> these are cultural issues. you have to figure out where is the line, when does it become wrong? it's an interesting situation. let us know what you think. set us up for the conversation have. tweet us with the hashtag "new day." >> let's get another check of the chilly forecast. hi, karen.
>> hi, kate, yes, a cold morning. temperatures in the 20s or 30s. with eshould be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than that across the region. in boston, it should be around 41 degrees. in new york, it should be about 45 degrees. now, we are looking at a little bit of a warm-up across the northeast especially as we go into the next several days. not for long. by the end of the week we have another storm system move in across the region. all right. this hasn't happened since 1884, everybody set your watches. 21, 72, another one of these is going to happen. this is the view in new jersey. now, it looks like a chunk of the sun has been taken away. this was a pashl eclipse of the sun. the reason they're saying partial is in the southern hemisphere, this was a total eclipse. let show you what happened in kenya, where the sun was completely blocked out. as i mentioned, this will not
happen until the 22nd century, set your iphones now. back to you. >> thanks so much. returning to debate. i almost convinced chris the song was almost a partial eclipse of the heart. it's not. >> i knew it was. i never listen to the song. coming up on "new day," this is truly amazing. two planes go up over wisconsin, full of sky divers. they collide. everyone gets away okay. how? we'll show you this morning. >> a little video for you, looks so cute and incident, the boy and the baluga. it's our must-see moment ahead, wait for it. hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> it's a little too early. i can't do it. welcome back to "new day." it seems so early to have christmas playing music. it's time when stores introduce all sorts of crazy deals to help us shoppers survive the holiday season. wal-mart is taking the sales for black friday and early monday and getting a jump on things, christine romans is explaining, they're going really early. >> black friday associated with 2012. now, black friday, wal-mart is trying to take a bunch of sales reserved for cybermonday, that
made up hol die on a monday to spend money you didn't spend on black friday. they're moving it all forward. so there will be seven big deals on tablets and the tbs, they will roll them out early. they will have 3400 other deals ready. you have fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. the retailers are noticing people are smart. they're holding back, waiting for christmas, the days of thanksgiving to do some sales. so retailers want to get you in. wal-mart wants to get you in so you will start spending your money. >> it's not just wal-mart. >> on friday, they had a black friday deal site. already, black friday dolsi are out there and can be had. black friday, of course the day after thanksgiving. traditionally, they called it plaque friday. retailers were in the black for the year. 45% of an entire profit comes
from the holiday type season moving it forward, earlier than i have ever seen it moving forward. it shows retailers are worried about consumers, they're strapped or super smart. >> i have the good is going to be, you will see that horizontal price pressure. right. you will see other stores doing what wal-mart is doing, lay away. they want to incentivize, that is good. we want that, that's good for the consumer. the bad is two things, one is a reflection that the spending culture is down in the economy and that's not so much because of appetites it's about ability. that's a problem. the other one is something we will talk about to suit mikalah's calendar needs later closer to christmas. but the culture of christmas is something that must be discussed. >> let me show you the ghosts of christmas passed. i am the killjoy correspondent. >> you have a christmas sweater on. >> i do. 58%. when do you pay the bills?
what the company is doing is trying to spend your bills. lock at the rest of you out there. you are not paying off this year's christmas by next year. 13% of you. >> i worry that it will mean fatigue for shoppers like me, we will burn out early on. >> i love deals. don't get a deal if you can't afford to pay it off by january. you shouldn't buy it. >> it's very good advice. very good advice. >> you will get bombarded over the next deals. >> you are here to present this. >> i'm pro deal. >> i'm pro deal. >> anti-debt, pro deal. >> now we all stood our best. >> i will say it and move on. it's being called a miracle over wisconsin. two planes packed with sky divers collide in midair. amazingly everyone survives. amazing story, george. >> reporter: kate, good morning.
what are the odds on a thing like this? 11 people jump for their lives. everyone survives, only a few scrapes and bruises. here's a look at how it played out. flying in formation some 12,000 feet in the air, two planes have just reached their targeted altitude carrying nearly a dozen sky divers when something went wrong, one of the pilots remembered hearing a loud bang, then the windshield shattered. the moment both planes collide in midair. according to one of the men on the plane it turned out to be a jump for their lives. >> four jump es get on the step hanging onto the strut. then they leave, meanwhile, the jumpers on the trail plane have done the same thing, they're on the step. so when they see these jumpers leave, then they leave. we're not sure exactly why they collided yet, but they did. >> you can see from these pictures how the lead plane was
left mangled. >> the wings came off, they were on fire. the pilot got out safely, used his emergency parachute and landed. >> the pilot survived landing his arnth safely. firefighters say when they arrived on scene, jumpers were still making their way to the ground. amazingly, everyone paid it off the planes safely, for something that's so routine for these sky divers at hundreds or even thousands of jumps under their belts, this accident serves as a reminder. >> it can be a dangerous sport. usually not. unfortunately, an airplane crash, you take what you get. >> this time they all got very lucky after a terrifying scare in the sky. so here's the deal with that second plane. we understand it was insured for liability. it was not insured for collision. so that skydiving team will be out of business at least a couple weeks i am told as the investigation, chris, continues,
it can determine exactly how this midair collision happened. >> george, thank you so much. they might be out of commission a couple weeks. i'm not sure i would want to go back up in the plane. >> some would say this is dangerous. it's a reminder of what we do. >> collision, insurance, owe my goodness. i love that they had the presence of mao independent to do it. >> safety. there is no safety required here. it is our must see moment a. little guy trying to make friends with a frisky baluga whale at an aquarium in china. things don't go quite as he planned. the baluga whale says, what are you staring at? i love the little guy, in his overalls, he is wearing wings. >> i like that he talks trash to the whale. >> the whale is like, what, you are talking trash at me? look at him right there.
>> oh, so cute. >> i like that posture. >> the whale just laughing away. >> just promising aspects we saw there. coming up on "new day," a football coach collapses on the field in front of thousands, millions more on tv. we go live to houston on the latest of the condition of coach gary kubiak. a cnn exclusive, a person that knew the suspect in the shooting spree at lax talks about what happened hours before police say he opened fire. across america people are taking charge
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football, you have to know this. quarterback nick foleys had a game. he tied a record. he tied the game. that's not the big story, everybody knows joe carter, this morning's bleacher report, the jets beating the saints, huge upset. nobody saw it coming. jets, how can you ignore that in the bleacher room? >> you know the jets are undefeated on odd weeks, on the even weeks, fairly blown out. >> because they're an odd team. now back to that nick foles game, that came out of nowhere. who would have thought the backup quarter back might have set a record. obviously, foles with the packers next week, we might have something. he is playing because michael vick is injured. foles said, yeah, i've thrown seven touchdown passes in a game before. it was a video game. keep in mind, he only played
three quarters. he could have broken a record. the coach decided to pull him because his team was beating by 14 points and he wanted to keep him healthy. he joins a list of five other quarterbacks in nfl history to throw for seven touchdowns in one nfl game. trending on bleacher the kansas city chiefs 9 and 0 record. they beat the buffalo bills yesterday without scoring one touchdown on offense. who cares when your defense oscores two touchdowns. the chiefs were the worse last season. they won two games. now they're pulling off an improbable turn around. chris, kate. we will see how good this kansas city defense s. up next, for the two of three games will be peyton manning and the denver broncos. they have them twice in weeks. >> the true test, taking on peyton manning. all right, joe. now, it's the top of the
hour, it means it's time for your top news. [ music playing ] >> all his vital signs are good. but they're still checking on everything with him. >> breaking overnight the coach of the houston texans suddenly collapses, then rushed to the hospital. another coach hospitalized days ago. a plan of attack, exclusive new details from a woman that knew him well. what settle off and just how long had he been planning the attack? stuck, a college student falls as much as five stories down, lenny, between two buildings, trapped for days. we have the dramatic rescue. >> your "new day" starts right no now. >> what you need to know.... >> it's time for a woman to be president. >> run, hillary, run! >> what you just have to see. >> his phone was off and he
checked into an nyu building in the last couple days. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and mikaela perrera. >> good morning to you. well come back to "new day." it's monday, 7:00 in the east. are we seeing political moves in the east? >> yes, we are. the new york city mayor making the loudest push for hillary clinton to run so far saying it is time for a woman to be president. a live report just ahead. >> plus, a miami dolphins player is suspended indefinitely. could it have something to do with allegations of bullying? we are digging deeper into this case, this case that has stunned the nfl. >> everything was going korpth plan before the denver nothing gets home opener. things took a turn when this happened. the mountain lion, look, he is
motionless, he had passed out. we will tell you exactly what happened here, frightening moments. >> first, houston texas coach gary kubiak said to be alert. kubiak is 52-years-old, he collapsed in the first half of last night's game the team says he did not suffer a heart attack. so i'm clear, exactly what happened to him. cnn has the latest from houston. >> reporter: you can see texan's head coach gary kubiak on the 24 yard line when he suddenly falls to his knees during sunday night's game, long time colleagues rushed to his side t. teams were walking off the field for halftime during the game twen when the 52-year-old coach fell ill. this was the scene at reliant stadium in houston as he was rushed off the field on a gurney. concerned nfl fans watching from the stands. >> he went down to his knee. he couldn't get back up. he looked like he was having trouble breathing. >> the ambulance rushed kubiak
to a hospital with his family by his side. >> all his vital signs are good. he did not have a heart attack. but they're still checking on everything with him. >> after the game, a rival player took a moment to say their pulling for the coach. >> hopefully, he is going to be all right. i know he's a great football man, a great person. i think a great win, but all our thoughts and prayers are with him. >> reporter: kubiak's health scare comes a day after denver bronco's head coach john fox was hospitalized following complications from a pre-existing heart condition. fox felt dizzy playing golf near his north carolina home on sunday t. 58-year-old coach is in the hospital awaiting surgery to replace an aortic valve and faces weeks of recovery. and a team executive with the houston texans sezna the head coach gary kubiak was undergoing a series of tests and
evaluations throughout the fight and he was hopeful that coach kubiak wruld rejoin the team at some point today. kate. >> thank you so much for that. now to a cnn exclusive, we are learning more about the suspect in the deadly aax shooting from someone that knew him well. paul ciancia is in critical condition. it turns out police came within minutes of possibly stopping the attack, arriving at his apartment just after he left for the airport. cnn has the latest from los angeles. good morning, miguel. >> good morning, kate. this is a fascinating story of an ordinary woman who finds herself in an extraordinary circumstance. she wants to remain anonymous. she doesn't want her life or name associated with paul ciancia. days before paul ciancia's murderous rampage, this woman says ciancia was already plotting his crime. >> he asked one of the roommates
if he could get a ride to the airport. >> why did he need a ride? >> he was going back home. either his dad was sick and he had family issues. >> did anyone ever see a ticket? >> no. he also left a message when he had to leave. >> she says ciancia rarely left his apartment. describing him as a stalker and alleged smoker. the days he put it into action, it took his roommates by surprise. >> that morning, he knocks and opposite the door and says i need to go, take me now. >> ris roommates believe this was the moment he texted family members in new jersey telling them he was going to commit suicide. that prompted frantic calls between police and new jersey and police came to ciancia's home. >> he has a bag, gets in the car, off they go and a short time later, a knock at the door. >> yes. >> police. >> police. >> why are plisz there? >> they heard paul was suicidal.
they figure, we'll go check on him. >> she says the two other roommates were woken up and handcuffed, paul gone, no sign of a gun. police say ciancia took his military style weapon, a legally purchased smith and wesson .223 rifle, hopped out of the car at lax and seek out agents to kill. >> had he discussed hatred towards the cia? >> he thought that tsa abused their power. >> reporter: cnn has confirmed this picture making the rounds online is legitimate. paul anthony ciancia shot at least twice. his face and neck hit. he is wearing chinos, a polo shirt. for the special clothing. he looks like any other traveler. >> at that moment they're seeing this on the tv the third roommate comes back and said, oh, i just dropped off paul at lax. they just knew. i think you just dropped off
paul to a shooting. >> now, we know about one of those tsa agents were killed. two other tsa agents have been released from the hospital after being shot allegedly by mr. ciancia, a traveler remains in fair condition t. grand irony of all of this, ciancia's whose injuries are very, very serious, if he survives it, he may face the death penalty, chris. >> big questions raised, was it preventible, was this man connected to somebody? let's bring in former homeland secretary former governor of pennsylvania, mr. tom ridge. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, chris. >> so what is your basic ae assessment of the response of the situation? >> first i think it's interesting the previous speaker spoke to the legal police being informed, acting prudently and quickly, unfortunately too late. you see a normal civilian traveling. you don't realize he's got a
firearm in his bag. the mayhem commences and the response within the airport i think was very, very appropriate. unfortunately, this is a circumstance where i'm not sure anything other than the apprehension the individual before he left the apartment avoided the tragedy thereafter. >> let's unpack it. does the response in your opinion show vulnerabilities orrier it's if first attack of its kind? >> first i think it's important to put it into perspective, chris, unfortunately, over this weekend, we probably had 25 or 30 other deaths by firearms and you and i aren't talking about them. this is an instance where we had one in a public place, a federal officer in an airport. yet, there will be family and friends going to funeral homes over the next couple of days that people were killed with firearms and we're not -- they're not a part of the public discussion. so i frankly it goes deeper than the horrible tragedy associated with the lax incident.
it goes to a deeper problem of just violence, does this young man have a mental health problem? as we take a look at the 11 or 12,000 murders that occurred last year with fire arms it's probably about the turf gangs. there will be a predictable response. i know there are some conversations about let's arm the tsa, which i think would be a horrible, horrible mistake. i think while we have a tendency to focus on tragedies like this, unfortunately, we don't spend a longer time looking at the deeper, more considerable implications of this culture of violence that results in 11 or 12,000 people killed by firearms every single year. >> it's interesting you say that, governor. we see these same three elements in the random mass shootings. you have someone destablized fought properly monitored even in this situation. access to a gun, a long going debate. then a third component which you outlined and we don't talk about and seemingly don't want to fix.
which is why do people seek glory in death in our culture so often? >> it's very troubling. in this instance, we have what appears to be a troubled young man with an anti-government point of view here. what is the motive in the 11 or 12,000 homicides that occur every year? was it a gang war? was it about turf? the deeper tragedy that is reflected in this instance is we have social and economic and culture problems that lead people to take firearms and in order to address and redress grievances. unfortunately, this story will die down. we won't have any public discussion until another tragedy occurs. i think it's about time we try to wrestle this to the ground. what i'm concerned is a predictable response. i was on the virginia tech tragedy, people thought, maybe we should arm students. ten we have school room tragedies, they want to arm teachers and other conversations about arming the tsa.
we don't need to arm america. we don't need to arm the unarmed. we need to figure out why so people people go to violence to express their grievances. >> i remember you on the panel at virginia tech. it was a story i covered very closely. one of the things that came out of it was the shooter in that story had been adjudicated mentally ill. it got to privacy rights, also spoke to an issue we are seeing on this as well. i want your take on it. the idea of needing better infrastructure to monitor people who could be destabilized, early intervention. here you had the lapd contacted, but it seems like there may have been warnings earlier. what can we do? >> well, i think it's a very important discussion to have, chris. i think there are probably, listen, you and i both reel realize and understand there are several million people in america that have some form of mental health challenge and we
also have the notion of privacy and the public revelation of those mental health challenges is not something that anybody is comfortable with. so at some point in time, we got to discuss whether or not there is a threshold beyond which the authorities need to be made aware. now i know these circumstances, i don't know it, apparently, he bought the gun lawfully. by the way, in a state that has background checks and ban an assault weapons, i believe. so i think the discussion is at what point in time does somebody's mental health records in terms of your access to firearms and/or at what point in time would police have known this is an urgent matter. he has been under treatment. we don't have any information about that now. so you and i could have this discussion later when we find out more about the assailant. >> i have to thank you, governor, i hope people will put a link online.
you are raising issues that usually get passed over quickly. we want to fight about guns, but the idea of infrastructure for mental health. the culture of violence, they are more important, maybe more so than the issues that get attention. >> thank you, chris, thank you very much. >> miguel, over to you. >> let's take a look at our headlines. ousted egyptian president morsi forcing the judge to adjourn the session. state run tv says the defendants began chanting, calling the court invalid. morsi refused to wear the white clothing. morsi could be found guilty if he is found guilty of inciting clashes last year. edward snowden telling the u.s. to stop treating him like a criminal. he claims he has gotten praise for spilling classified information and calls for washington to overhaul it's under surveillance program. white house officials for their part say, there is no plan to offer snowden clemency.
people in utah hoping for a finish when the trial on dr. macnell continues tomorrow. prosecutors allege he drugged his wife and drowned her in the bathtub so he could be with his mistress. a cirque du soleil performer in stable condition after a show in las vegas. the company says the veteran acrobat slipped and fell on the so-called wheel of death. he is expected to be out of the hospital soon. but this incident comes days after government officials fined cirque du soleil for former staff over the summer. a newlywed couple in boston got a surprise ovation from a few special guests. they were trying to get to their ceremony on time got caught up in the oh red sox parade, a police officer apparently opened a barricade for the couple who happened to be sox fans.
as they walked through the parade route, they received shoutout itself and handshakes from some of their favorite players. how about that for memory? >> i was wondering, the only thing that could be a problem if they turned out to be yankee fans. >> there is no problem being a yankee fan. >> except being at a sox parade. >> the sox. >> congratulations. let's get back to karen mcginnis in for indra petersen with the chilly forecast. >> hey, kate, chris. yes, it is a very chilly forecast. those temperatures are way below normal. now, in new york, typically, you would see this time of year, temperatures hovering around 60 degrees for the afternoon. it is only going to be in the mid- to upper-40s for this afternoon. there is a slight warming time take place. more than 10 degrees below where it should be this time of year. that's fairly substantial. in the long haul, we're looking
at temperatures that moderate a bit before the next weather system moves on in. we have a weather system moving across the mid-west. windy conditions behind it. portions of minnesota, also the dakotas, could see between 4 and 8 inches of snowfall before it's all said and done, this system will march towards the east. so at least in the short term, you are looking at pretty nice weather. until then, you wake up to frosty morning. temperatures only in the 20s across the interior northeast new england. syracuse 23, buffalo 26. montpelier only 16 degrees right now. new york city is 35. should feel around 45 degrees. it's not making it there just yet. temperatures into the northeast as i mentioned going to be running just about near normal as we go into the next several days. right now in atlanta, 42, shreveport 53. >> that chill definitely wakes you up out the door.
>> yep. i know 2016 is three years away i basically can add. we have to start talking about the presidential election. now why? these are the moves. they set up the game we are all following so closely. it will matter so much. hillary clinton. you are seeing new york senior senator chuck schumer. he says it is time for a woman for president. he is pushing hillary out now. what does this mean? coming up, a college student spends two terrifying days wedged between two walls. how does he get there? how does he get out? [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz.
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there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >> run, hillary, run! that was the message in new york senator schumer, endorsing hillary for president in 2016. i wonder how joe biden feels about this. how about this, last week, all of the reporters sent hillary clinton the same message. they've made up their minds. but the big question, has hillary? cnn rihanna keeler is live at the white house. do you have any scoop on this? >> reporter: she hasn't declared. there are certainly a lot of democrats that wish she would, chris. this weekend, just yesterday, president obama was campaigning for the favored democrat in the gubernatorial race. >> that race culminates tomorrow. today, just about a year after
president obama was re-elected, focus is now switching to who will replace him in 2016. >> run, hillary, run! if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> reporter: an enthusiastic high profile endorsement from senator chuck schumer, he pressed hillary clinton to run in 2016. >> it's time for a woman to be president. and so, tonight, here in iowa, i won't get this opportunity again, i am urging hillary clinton to run for president. >> reporter: he's not alone a. group of 16 democratic women in the senate feel the same way. all of them signed a letter encourage her to run. according to a democratic source who said kay hagan talked about the still to be released letter at a fundraising event last week. the new cnn likely poll of
democratic contenders shows clinton with a huge lead, 65% of democrats polled chose her with vice president wide an distant secon second. the republican field is less crowded. but it's the new jersey governor just one day out from his likely re-election getting all the buzz, especially since his campaign seems to be as much about 2016 as the garden state. it sound like you are planning for a message beyond new jersey. is that a fair assessment? >> i'm not paying for it. i'm saying it's inevitable. >> i can walk and chew gum and do this job and deal with my future. that's exactly what i will do. >> reporter: but a new book on the 2012 election out this week claims mitt romney crossed christie off his running mates
for failing to disclose a number of issues, including his health, though romney, himself, dismissed those concerns. >> with regards to his health, he provided his health records to us. it is solid, very good. there is not an issue there. chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and get this nation on the right track again. they don't come better tan chris christie. >> reporter: christie has been answering questions about his stop, a grueling campaign swing in the days leading up to tomorrow's election, as well as his steady weight loss. you will recall he had lap-band surgery. he did it in secret. we learned about it later. >> that was also about health, brianna, you know all of these things, you have to look at them. that's when you didn't read the tea leaves early enough. what do you think about the intrigue in beat the us with the hash the tag newday. >> today we are learning about a scary ordeal for a college
student in new york city. he was stuck in a really tight space for days. a mysterious accident at new york university. a young student trapped for nearly two days. in this tiny 2-foot space between an 18-story apartment building and a parking garage. >> his legs were crossed. he was on his side, move, his right arm. >> firefighters had to bust through a cinder block wall. not only was he alive, he was conscious, talking to rescue workers as they wheeled him to the ambulance. >> we started ivs on him. it looks like he's in pretty good health. >> according to cnn affiliate, he vanished saturday morning after someone pulled a fire alarm at the nyu dorm. witnesses say as other students were running out of the build, he was running back in. that was the last time anyone saw him. >> his phone was off and he hadn't checked into an nyu building in the last couple days. >> desperate to find their
friend, they pleaded with them to check the area. it was only then they discovered him moaning, helplessly crammed between two buildings. >> they would not have found him for who knows how long. he would probably be dead right now. >> he is said to be in stable condition. how he got stuck remains a mystery. trapped for two days. police and fire crews, once they located him, they responded to the scene immediately. it took about an hour-and-a-half to rescue him. they are now trying to figure out how he got stuck in that space. one theory is he might have fallen from the roof or a window. so there is still a lot of questions. the good thing, he is going to survive. he'll be okay. >> nobody found him for a day-and-a-half. >> did you look at that spot where he was found? that's not an easily found situation. >> in a strange situation, everyone running out, running in. >> a lucky young man, once again, first responders doing what few can do. coming up next on "new day,"
an amazing phenomenon. check out this fireball traveling down a suburban fire line. we will tell you all about it. >> we want to talk to you about the case that may be changing our perceptions about bullying. on the playground, sure, the kids, we have to work on that, the nfl, that's what's being alleged. we'll tell you about it. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
>> welcome back to "new day." so
often when we hear about bullying stories, they involve kids or teens, an ffl player claims he was targeted, a 6' 5" player, now his teammate has been suspended. we will talk more about that. plus the mascot is supposed to be the peppiest guy. rocky the denver nothing nets mascot is passed out. why did he have to be lowered like this from the ceiling. we will tell you what happened with rocky coming up. let's check the top of our news blog here. we are watching the situation with a houston texas coach. gary kubiak was hospitalized after collapsing after the first texan game t. good news is the team says kubiak did not have a heart attack t. coach is said to be alert in stable condition, now undergoing tests. in syria, a top rebel leader has resigned in a dopeening rift between the opposition. those rifts are said to be loading to the rebels to lose
grounds against the government, including a key strategic town near aleppo. the death toll is said now to be northern 115,000 people. in colorado, police say the predator who tried to kidnap an 8-year-old in awe roar ra has been arrested. he grabbed that little girl through her bedroom window monday. she struggled. she screamed. she managed to break free in the driveway of her home. police say the description and more than 200 tips helped them make an arrest so quickly. talk about frightening moments two planes collide and everyone survived. one of those planes crashed. but everyone, including the pilot, bailed out, in fact, parachuted out before impact. the other plane landed safely and only minor injuries are being reported. pretty extraordinary images in
canada. you hoo griffith had his camera rolling, he captured this powerball outside the family home t. family had been without power after high winds in the area knocked down the power lines. this was the second of two fireballs the family had witnessed on friday evening. crazy looking video. those are your headlines, kate, over to you. >> thank you so much, mikaela. back to that terrifying sheeting at los angeles international. they believe the gunman was targeting tsa employees but was carrying enough ammunition to kill everyone in the terminal if he had the chance. they were in the terminal, terminal three on friday. thank you both for being here. first, tom, take us back to friday morning. when did you know something was going horribly wrong and you needed to get out of will? >> sure him we had been waiting around our terminal for our flight to new york that had been delayed a couple hours. i decided to go get some co. i
was walking back towards my wife who had been taking a fap. that's when i noticed a stampede of people rushing our direction towards the gates. i wasn't sure what was going on at the moment, just knew that some sort of a scare was happening. so i reacted the same way, i ran over to my wife, told her, hey, let's get down, get down, everybody was going down. it felt like there was make a bomb scare. then somebody pride opened the door that led to the tarmac and everybody started falling out of there. >> michelle, what a horrific way to be woken up from a nap. my goodness, what did you see? >> well, i woke up from a nap and i was facing the direction of the, everybody coming towards me, so i was facing the security gate, if you will, and my husband wasn't there. he had, he was at starbucks. so, thank goodness, it was a few seconds when i saw him coming. i thought it was an earthquake
and i swept through it. i didn't know why they were coming towards me. >> when did you get an indication it wasn't a bomb scare, it was someone with a gun in the terminal? >> so we made it to the tarmac. my wife said, hey, i left my purse upstairs. i said, i will go get it. i decided to go back inside the terminal. by that time, some people cleared out. some people were hiding. as i was getting the bag, i saw the gunman holding his gun, walking around, very, very cautiously inside the terminal. >> how did he look? was he saying anything? >> just walking around, strolling around. no worries. just, wasn't threatening, was not in any particular hurry or urgency and he was just, his gun was pointed downwards, he was walking around. >> i'm sure you couldn't believe your eyes what you were seeing. did you make eye contact with
him? >> i'm not sure if he saw me. at first my first instance is that's some sort of law enforcement, but it became evident that it wasn't and then that's when i knew that, hey, this is what everybody was running for. >> did you see police around? how long did this all take? >> no, but -- this is probably seconds, like 20, 30 seconds, by the time i was grabbing my backs and i saw him and that's when i realized, hey, i got to get out of here. i went out to the tarmac and i actually saw the gunman. >> michelle, what are you thinking during this time, your husband goes in to get your bag, you finally get a sense of how serious this was? >> finally we saw people coming and nothing happened and someone threw the door opened and everyone rushed out. but, now i know the shooting happened at security. we didn't hear anything so we weren't aware of what really happened and nothing was happening, so we all thought,
well, whatever this was seems more of a scare or, you know, it was, it wasn't real, any real danger. so we're all sort of, there was chaos trying to get out the door. but then there was a calm i think because people are like well, nothing is really happening. so people did go down the stairs. i think we all thought we were okay. >> now one part of this that is unbelievable is you were going from los angeles to fly here to new york city to run in the marathon. so after all of this, after you are interviewed by police, you ended up getting here to new york. you ended up running the marathon. i'm sure that took on a completely different meaning now? >> yeah, first of all, it felt like a marathon within a marathon, because my husband has just flown in from hong kong like the day before so it's been intense. i mean, i think leading up to it, i was really emotional just because i knew obviously with
boston and when i got in to the new york marathon, it was right after boston and, obviously, i know some people that were going to run last year. they weren't able because of the hurricane sandy. yeah, this was definitely not expected. i didn't expect that to lap at lax or at home, really. >> you have a two-and-a-half-year-old son at home, i am sure he is probably thankful this was the one time he was not fly toing with you. >> absolutely, yes. >> let's end this on a good note, fear is not going to conquer. let's show everyone your marathon medal. how are you feeling today? >> i'm good. i can wauvenlth i took it slow. but i wanted to have a god time. >> congratulations. >> thank you guys for coming in. a horrific and surreal couple of days. thank you for talking to us. >> chris, back to you. >> we will take a break. when we come back, is it possible to bully a grown man? how about a 320-pound offensive
tackle? that is what is being alleged in miami with the dolphins. we will give you the facts and debate the situation. plus, it's hard to get the crowds going when you are unconscious, the denver mascot passing out on the job. there he is. we will tell you what happened. the right medicare d plan. g no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today.
. >> a beautiful, beautiful sight over the weekend. welcome back to "new day." karen mcginnis is in with the forecast. it is cold out there today. >> yeah.
we have a zip in the jet stream. so that cold air pushing in from canada. those temperatures are going to be moderating. here's what's happening. we will start to see a shift take place in the jet stream. so a huge trough taking place across the west. guess what? that marches its way towards the east. until then, by the middle of the workweek, temperatures fairly mild up and down the eastern seaboard. good news, right? that is until the weather system is that will affect mid-west with some snow and high winds starts to march its way towards the northeast and the mid-atlantic. but until then, those temperatures are expected to be about 5 to 10 degrees below where they should be this time of year. only about 47 degrees in new york city. temperatures by wednesday in the 60s. now, this is what happened over the weekend. we did see a partial solar eclipse. now, this is in the northern hemisphere. this is from our ireporter. the last time this happened was in 1854.
the next time it's going to happen, 2175. so set your watches. they saw a full solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere. very drauvenlth it only happened about 45 minutes. chris, kate, back to you. >> thanks, karen. i appreciate the check-in. the miami dolphins, their offensive tackle left the team last week w. refineding out he says he was fed up with bullying. judging from your reactions online is, can you bully the biggest and the toughest or is this about being a man? let's bring in psychiatrist dr. gale salt. we are also joined by a man, "early start" anchor john berman, john, you have been following the situation. what do we know? >> the fact is richie incogny to has been suspended now indefinitely. this is following the allegations that came last week from jonathan martin, the 6' 5," 350 pound lineman citing player
misconduct. what is that exactly? there are reports it was some kind of bullying in the locker room, off the field, there have been reports that bullying included forcing rookies and young players to pay for very expensive meals also perhaps paying for a trip to las vegas for the entire offensive line, jonathan martin had to pay out $15,000 for a trip he didn't even go on. those are the types of allegations being made. >> the question becomes bullying. we use it as a hot button. what about here, gale, because of the obvious, if you are big and strong, can this be bullying? it kind of looks like hazing, is there a difference? what do we say? >> i think there is a difference, in hazing, it's sort of uniform, right, a group that is a community is sort of like, we did this, now we're going to do this to you. i'm not in favor of that, but it has less of an effect if you
will than bullying, which is about pulling out one person and sort of shuning them or emotionally torturing them in some way. it doesn't matter how big you are or how tough you are, it absolutely can happen to you. the question is, is one individual being targeted? that can have big emotional consequences. really, it can cause anxiety and depression and have long-term consequences. >> when you look at the nfl culture, it's easy to say, john to punish one person for something that, a wrong that is done, but it looks like jonathan martin is trying to do is to change a culture within the nfl. this isn't noon if it was hazing. changing the culture is a whole other bag, that's a difficult task. >> changing the actualture is very differently. there is a former player who actually spoke out against jonathan martin. he said, if you want to be sensitive, go play tennis, he said. there are players out there who
do not like the fact that martin walked away. we should say, we really don't know what's the going on here, we know one player walked away, one player has been suspended. it seems to me there has to be much more going on here. >> it sounds like they do this for the rookies. they are forced to pay. some of these are pranks it sounds like. when it crosses the line into personal and to bring in family members, et cetera. they nicknamed him big weirdo. we don't know the background, sometimes we may have nicknames for one another i'm cool with. we don't know, that does cross the line. it could be glossed of by saying it's just -- >> you don't know what happens in private moments. that's why i'm saying. hazing is hard to get rid of, the group feels we went through it. it's the comraderie. but when you don't know what goes on behind closed doors to one individual and when that hatches and you don't have the support of your peers, it feels
very different. it's not like, then it feels like it's personally about me. i'm the big weirdo. >> do we all get to personally decide when is enough, though? >> that's a great question. >> i think that's an excellent question. i would like to think in our individualistic society it's yes. people do have different levels of sensitivity. it doesn't mean they should go play tennis. you don't know what changes someone's mind. >> it also should be a point for a standard that i want you to speak to before we end this segment is that, all right the whole team has to change the leaves have to change. it feels overreaching. gale, what have we learned when it comes to hazing or these cultures of behavior, if you don't have the change at the institutional level, is there any chance you change it anywhere else? >> probably not. they're talking about a family. the message has to come from the top down, also from the bystanders. we know that bullying cannot be stopped unless the bystanders step in, unless the culture is
approved, hey, man, don't do that, i don't like what i see there, right? the warning individual has no shot. it has to come from the top down. it has to be approved for the bystanders to jep step in. >> you have to think that jonathan martin knew by making this statement, it was going to get this kind of attention. >> that's the only way you change cultures, one person has to be brave enough to step out. that's how cultures get changed. >> we seen how the end result, sadly, so something out of this needs to be a discussion, clearly. >> they call him soft, he may be the bravest player to step up, he is 6' 5," 350 pounds. coming up next on "new day" a scene many nothing gets fans won't soon forget. what happened to rocky the mountain lion as he is leiered down the rafters. we will tell you. dered shoes fre
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big questions, big questions we have no nischelle turner. kanye west wearing quite a jacket jacket. you don't have to answer for kanye, but what was his point? >> i'm definitely not in his head. not too many are. he says and is it a lot of things that leave everybody says umm. this could be another one of them. he was captured by the paparazzi wearing this jacket over the weekend. every move that kanye makes is
captured by the paparazzi, so you have to think he knew he would be photographed in it. he says, and i just want to quote what he says, in an interview later on about this, he said react how you want. any energy is good energy. you know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way, that's my abstract take, so i made the song new slaves. so i took the confederate flag and made it my flag. now what are you going to do. so when you think about it you think is he coo-coo here? but it seems like he's doing what a lot of african americans and hip hop artists have done with the "n" word, tried to take it, make it their open and flwn it not so bad. the question is, is it working. and he also has other merchandise, t-shirts with the confederate flag, things like that. so i think he is trying to make a bit of a marketing statement
as well here. >> it's okay if he's doing both. just gets confusing because he's not going to be as a magnet for criticism for doing this because he'll say, listen, i've been identified, i've been victimized by this, i'll to what i want with it. so it will take time to be a symbol. >> it still is jarring to me. >> and speaking of jarring, that was upsetting. >> yes, let's talk about this. let's show this video. this is rocky the moubntain lio, again v denver nuggets mascot. he's being lowered from the rafters, usually partying on the way down. but he's not moving. apparently inside rocky is passed out. no one knows this. you hear the announcer continuing to announce him. the dancers continuing to dance. when he gets to the bottom, he just slumps over. this has fans horrified. you can imagine there are little kids in the audience here. and the announcer is still
announcing. >> it's because you can't see his face. you don't know what's going on. >> but you asked earlier -- he's okay, first of all. so wie can talk about it. but you asked the question how do they know what's going on. usually you would think when he's coming down that he's cheering and having a good time and partying. that looks really sad and scary. looks almost like he's hanging from his neck. >> it does. >> but he isn't. which is important to know. >> and he tweeted the next day that i'm okay, all the way back. but the nuggets lost to the trailblazers that night. >> and maybe not dropping from the rafters soon. coming up, a halftime square for nfl players, coaches and fans. a head football coach collapses on the field. still no clue what happened to him, but we're following the situation. we'll have the latest. stay with us. (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
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went down to his knee and couldn't get back up. looked like he was having trouble breathing. >> man down. a big scare for the nfl. the coach of the houston texans collapses on the sidelines. rushed to the hospital, his family by his side. we have the the latest on his condition. warning signs. new details on the l.a.x. gunman and how he planned and pulled off his plot. an interview with a woman who knew him well, what she saw before the shooting. dangerous feat, a serious accident during a live cirque du soleil show. the audience shocked as the stu stunt goes terribly wrong. the performer hospitalized this
morning. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> if he wants to come back and own up the responsibility and the fact that he took and stole information, i'd be happy to have that discussion with him. >> what you just have to see. >> the enemy first invaded, we were not ready. millions of innocent lives were lost. that must never be allowed to happen again. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela. >> it is monday, november 4th. new this hour, edward snowden is out with what he's calling a manifesto of truth. in his open letter published sunday, he says and he is not a criminal and should not be treated as one. the white house is firing back. we'll have the details. and you think you know how the story ends when planes collide in midair, right? but not this time. two planes filled with skydivers
collide in midair. everyone lives to talk about it. we'll hear from one of the s skydiv skydiver. >> and from one survival story to another, a 6-year-old boy survived a shark attack. you'll hear from little logan. apparently the shark bit his leg, tried to drag him under. logan and his parents are all here to talk about his miraculous escape. >> and thankfully two stories don't end the way we usually expect them to. but first this morning, gary kubiac is recovering in the hospital after a free thrighten scene. he's only 52, but he collapsed walking off the field. the team says he didn't have a lae heart attack. ed lavendera is live with details for us. ed, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, it was a stunning scene in front of more than 70,000 fan here at reliant
stadium. and national tv audience. the teams were walking off the field as halftime was just starting up. and then you see gary kubiac fall to his knees and quickly surrounded by teammates and -- or members of the team and other officials. and the ambulance came out on to the feet. he was taken off in a stretch and taken with his family by his side to a hospital. team officials as you mentioned say that he did not have a heart attack, but team executives said that he was going through an episode of feeling dizzy and lightheaded and that's what kind of sent him to the ground. as far as we know, gary kubiac is still in the hospital. he's regularly scheduled to meet with reporters the day after the game on monday afternoon about 4:30 eastern time. whether or not gary kubiac will be there this afternoon, team officials have not said that that has changed. he's supposed to be there this
afternoon. so we'll see if it plays out. but they to expect him to rejoin the team at some point today. back to you. >> ed, thank you so much. let's bring in a family physician joining me now from philadelphia this morning to talk more about this. from, great to s doctor, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> as you heard ed reporting, the team says he did not have a heart attack but that he had an episode, he was lightheaded and was dizzy. of course you have not had the opportunity to seat coae the co but what does that tell you? >> lightheaded and dizzy ths can be very vague symptoms. they can be serious, but they can also lead to a number of different things. one thing we want to do is try to narrow down which direction we need to go. we need to look at the heart sometimes with lightheadedness and dizziness, we need to look at the lungs and check for breathing, oftentimes we also need to look at the brain and make sure the brain is
functioning properly as well as getting blood work just to see kind of what's going on metabolically in the patient's body. >> and the team also said he's awake and coherent, but the areas you're describing, these are all very serious area as of the body that could have real consequences. the fact that he's awake and coherent, what does that indicate kind of his condition, he's in the clear? >> it's important and very good that he's awake and likely working with his doctors right now. one of the things that's really important with situations like this is a patient's story. and what i mean by that is the story about what happened when they were having the symptoms. and the particular patient's medical history themselves. so his medical history is likely going to play a big part in this. what surgeries he's had, what medications he's organization what other medical conditions he's had, as well. so i think it's great that he is awake, he's alert. but i can pretty much tell that you there will be lots of testing undergone and his medical history really will play
a role in that, as well. >> and medical history is a huge part of this i'm sure. such a strange coincidence, though, that it happens just a day after the denver broncos coach goes in to the hospital for a heart condition. they say he had been suffering from dizziness, as well. no connection between the two obviously. but when you think about it, head coaches of these professional football teams, how does stress play on someone, how does stress of the job could impact a coach like this? >> well, let me just tell you about stress in general. stress in general can impact anyone in many, many different ways. stress can absolutely negatively impact us. and again, in every patient it manifests very differently. i think it's important here when we look at the signs and symptoms of dizziness and lightheadedness, i mentioned looking at the brain, the heart, the lungs. these are big areas of the body as you mentioned that we want to look in to, making sure that the heart is functioning properly, that it's beating and delivering blood the way it it needs to.
that the patient is able to breathe properly and also that the brain is functioning, as well. so can stress absolutely impact a patient's health? the short answer is yes, it can impact anyone. but a patient's medical history really does matter here, too. >> one good thing both of these men to be sure have very good doctors that they're consulting at this moment. doctor, great to see you. thank you. we have a cnn exclusive now. we're hearing this morning from a barack obama who claims to note us suspect in the deadly l.a.x. shooting. and we're also gaining some insight into his twisted motivation. friends and family say they sensed something was wrong, even alerted authorities the day of the attack, but by then, it was too late. the shooting would take the life of a tsa officer and wound two others. miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: good morning. this woman has a fascinating story to fell. she does not want her name out
there. she wants to remain anonymous. doesn't want her name or life associated with paul ciancia. days before paul ciancia's murderous rampage, this woman says ciancia was already plotting his crime. >> he asked one of the roommates if he could have a ride to the airport. >> why did he need a right? >> he said he was going back home, either that his dad was kind of sick and he had to deal with family issues. >> did anyone ever see a ticket? >> no. he also didn't mention what day he had to leave. >> reporter: she says ciancia rarely left the apartment since moving here in january, describing him will as socially awkward and a heavy smoker, the day he put his alleged plan into action, she says, it took his roommate by surprise. >> that morning, yes, he doesn't knock, just opens the door and says i need to leave. can you take me now. >> reporter: ciancia's roommates believe this was the moment he texted family members in new jersey telling them he was going to commit suicide. that prompted fran tech calls
between police in new jersey and l.a.. police came to ciancia's home. >> he has a bag, gets in the car. off they go. and a short time later a knock at the door. >> yes. >> police. >> police. >> why are the police there? >> they heard that paul was suicidal and they needed do a welfare check on him. >> reporter: she says the two other roommates were woken up and happen and hand can hacuffed as they s the apartment. ciancia took his rifle, hopped out of the car and began seeking out tsa agents to kill. go did he ever express hatred toward the tsa? >> he was very upset and thought they abused their power. >> reporter: cnn has confirm this had picture is legitimate.
he's wearing a polo shirt, no about ballistic vest. looks like any other traveler. >> the third roommate said i just dropped off paul at l.a.x. and they knew. >> reporter: in addition to the tsa agent who died, there were two shot. they have been released from the hospital already. there was a traveler who was shot in the leg p he is still in the hospital in fair condition. and perhaps the grandest irony of all this, ciancia's injuries are extensive. if he survives them, he may face the death penalty. >> obviously we try do what we can. miguel, thank you. we try to minimize how much discussion of the shooters we do in these shooters so as not to glorify them, but it's important to know what was going on and to help prevent it next time. >> simply figure it out why.
sglefrn t >> even the lady there is scratching her head about what happened. making news outside the court where morsi began today, but inside, the judge was forced to adjourn the proceedings when the defendants began calling the court invalid. morsi refusing to wear white as ordered by the court. the charges against morsi and 14 muslim brotherhood members stem from deadly protests last year. 19-year-old college student in new york city recovering from quite a harrowing weekend. he spent nearly two days trapped in a two foot crevice between a dorm building and garage. firefighters having to cut through a wall to get him out. really not clear how he got there, but authorities believe he may have fallen out of a window or from the roof. a disturbing report on the role military doctors and health professionals played in treating detainees since 2001. a task force of india saiindepe experts say health professionals
have been ordered to design and participate in cruel inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees, including torture. practices the review says are still in place today. secretary of state john kerry is in saudi arabia for some serious fence mending. relations with its long standing ally have been strained by u.s. actions concerning iran, syria and egypt. mr. kerry is meeting with king abdullah. sawudi arabia is his second sto through the mideast, north africa and europe. congratulations in order for our girl. she stopped by "new day" just a little while ago to talk with chris about her many accomplishments. she can add another one to her list. she came in first in the new york city marathon's hand cycling division. she came in at two hours, five minutes, 48 seconds. last month dentler was the first to compete in the iron man world
championship. she is bad. >> about all you can say about her. she is amazing. >> first one to finish the hardest iron man in the world. she has a great message. the only limitations she says is the one you put on yourself. karen mcginnis is in for another check of the forecast. hey, karen. >> we start the morning out with the only place reporting any delays are in new york. laguardia, delays running about 15 to 30 minutes ground delay. weather not a factor, it is cold and it will remain cold at least for today. but then those temperatures started moderating just a bit. over the weekend, we had a dip in the jet stream, but then that starts to shift. dip will being a cross the west. mild weather conditions across the southeast and mid-atlantic and the northeast where the temperatures that start off in the 20s and 30s, not quite that
cold in the middle of the week, but 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it is outside. new york, should be around 45. buffalo, temperature 28, it should be around 37. buffalo in november, anything could happen. but as we go toward thursday, if you're living in the northeast and watching this, be careful because it looks like your nice weather is going to be interrupted by thursday. we'll keep you updated. back to you. coming up on new day, edward snowden is demanding the u.s. drop espionage charges against him, part of a manifesto of truth he just issued. we'll tell you about it and how it's going over here at home. and then a frightening close call in the sky. two planes carrying skydivers collide midair. but everyone, including the pilots, survive. the jumpers will tell us how they managed that. 1ñp
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welcome back to "new day". edward snowden is out with what he call as manifesto of truth. in at the says he is not a criminal and does not gee serve to be treated as one. but one thing for certain, he has managed to unite members of both political parties in their strong disagreement with him. cnn's barbara starr is at the
pentagon with more. fair statement i made there? >> reporter: absolutely. good morning. edward snowden might have thought that the world was ready in washington to treat him a little more kindly given all the embarrassment over his revelations. top washington officials say to edward snowden, don't count on it. if edward snowden has any thoughts he might be forgiven for disclosing classified information, the white house says think again. on abc's "this week," dan pfeiffer was asked if there are conditions under which president obama would consider chemicalnechemica >> none at all. >> reporter: he says he's seen a positive reaction to his disclosures and he wants the u.s. to stop treating help like a criminal. snowden says, quote, the people must fight against the
suppression of information about issues of public significance. whoever speaks the truth is not a criminal. snowden's fate is one of the few areas these days where both parties seem to agree. on cbs' "face the nation," the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee said clemency is a terrible idea. >> if he wants to own up to the responsibility the fact that he took and stole information, he violated his oath, he did it is close disclosed classified information that has allowed three different terrorist organizations to change the way they communicate, i'd be happy to have that discussion with him. >> reporter: snowden also wants assurances germans won't turn him over. of course angela her kmerkel's government is furious at finding out the u.s. swausswau spying
on it. so is there a case to be made snowden is a whistleblower? government officials say absolutely not, that he followed no legal procedures to report his concerns about what he saw as wrongdoing. they say he took classified information and made a run for it. >> all right, barbara, thank you so much. now to a remarkable story of a routine skydiving trip almost turned to tragedy when two planes collided thousands of feet in the air. but what seems like a miracle, there were no major injuries. but what caused it all remains a mystery. george howell has been looking into this from chicago thorn. >> reporter: good morning. so look, you have to think what are the odds on a thing like this? 11 people jump for their lives, everyone survives, only a few scrapes and bruises. it is an incredible story of survival here. here is a look at how it played out. flying in formation some 12,000
feet in the air, two planes e s just reached their targeted altitude carrying nearly a dozen skydivers when something went wrong. one of the pilots remembered hearing a loud ban og and the wd shield shattered. according to one of the men on board the plane, it turned out to be a jump for their lives. >> when they see these jumpers leave, then they leave. we're not sure exactly why they collided yet, but they did. >> reporter: you can see from these pictures how the lead plane was left mangled. >> wings came off, they were in fire. pilot got out safely, used his emergency parachute and landed. >> reporter: the pilot of the trail plane also survived, landing his aircraft safely. firefighters say when they
arrived on scene, jumpers were still making their way to the ground. amazingly, every made it off the planes safely. for something that is so routine for these skydivers, who have had hundreds or even thousands of jumps, this accident served as a reminder. >> it can be a dangerous sport. usual is not. unfortunately, you take what you get. >> reporter: this time they all got very lucky after a terrifying scare in the sky. so here is the deal with the second plane. we understand it was insured for liability. it was not insured for collision. so we understand that that skydiving team will be on the ground here at least for the next two week up they gntil the new plane and the investigation continues to determine how the accident happened. >> that's the big question. thanks george. collision insurance i guess is an issue. you can make more money, you can't make more you. so important that they made it.
coming up, a terrifying fall during a cirque du soleil show in las vegas. now, this one comes just months after another acrobat fell to her death. is this just the danger reality or is not enough being done to make sure they're safe. tweet us your take. plus coming up, a hollywood a-lister is in the "new day" house. harrison ford's new film is the number one movie in the country and we'll talk to help about all that and much more. trs of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us
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simple minds. i should have been in that band. coming up in the show, listen to this. 6-year-old boy on vacation in florida, goes for a swim. attacked by a shark. survives. thanks to his family and some good samaritans. get this, the shark still attached as they pull him from the water. how fine is he? fine enough to be here with us on the show today. there they are, the whole family will talk about the ordeal. >> that's a wild story. plus this ahead, hans solo, indiana jones? need i say more is this we'll go three on one with the legend the film legend harrison ford. he's the current box office champ. but before we get to all of that, i want to give you the five things you need to know. houston texans coach gary kubiac in stable condition after collapsing on the field last
night. doctors say he did not have a heart attack. the alleged l.a.x. gun man under 24 hour armed guard at a hospital. paul ciancia was shot in the leg. police came to his apartment just minutes after he left for that attack on the airport. and nyu student rescued by firefighters after spending nearly two days trapped between two buildings. the 19-year-old was found between his dorm and a garage in a space just two feet wide. tensions are rising inside the courtroom during the trial of egypt's ousted president morsi and member of the muslim brotherhood. the judge adjourned the proceedings when the defendants began chanting. and at number five, nearly 1500 pieces of priceless stolen art stolen by the nazis may have been discovered in an apartment in munich where the son of a german art collector lived.
those masterpieces said to be worth around $1 billion. we always update the five things to know, so go to new day for the latest. another terrifying fall at cirque du soleil. the las vegas show facing several work safety citations just last week. now another performer is hospitalized after slipping from one of the show's high flying stunts. >> it's the policy not to release the names of the performer, but one of the acrobats is recovering at a las vegas hospital after a horrifying fall from the wheel of death, that's the signature revolving wheel in the performance. it's the high flying acrobatics that drew theater lovers to s k circumstance dcirque du soleil
stage. but friday night, one performer came terrifyingly close to that fate. at times flying 40 feet above the stage like in this video, maneuvering into and out of the revolving wheel with no harness or safety mat. a veteran acrobat slipped, falling off the wheel. the show staff drew the occur tips and transported the performer to the hospital before resuming their act. tips and transported the performer to the hospital before resuming their act. it's a painful reminder of the june incident at las vegas's mgm grand where a 31-year-old veteran and mother died. she was being hoisted nearly 100 feet in the air during the show's finale before a wire broke. she plummeted nearly 100 feet. >> you could hear people crying. and all the actors were basically looking down. >> reporter: just days before friday's accident, the nevada occupational safety and healthed
a men trags proposed fines of more than $25,000 against cirque du soleil for safety violation in her death. the agency also proposed $7,000 in fines against the casino. >> i know firsthand that cirque du soleil takes every possible precaution to make sure that the artists are safe and that there are safe measures back stage. >> reporter: both companies defend their safety procedures and said they will appeal the fines. >> certainly what they do every night is simply amazing. cirque du soleil says the injured performer is expected to be released from las vegas university medical center in the next few days. they are not releasing the name but saying he is in stable condition. >> i guess that's the best you can ask for. hopefully he makes a swift recovery. now we've been following this trial for you since its beginning. it's in utah, the murder trial of dr. mar contintin macneill o. jurors have his from his daughters. the daughters believe their gaut killed their mother so he could
be with his mistress. but even more crucial testimony still to come. >> reporter: the prosecution's case against dr. macneill could hinge on this week's final witnesses. four federal prison inmates that claim macneill while serving time for forgery confessed to killing his wife. their identities are being kept secret for location. >> they are expressing concern about their safety upon return to the prison in texarkana. >> reporter: prosecutors believe the doctor murdered 50-year-old michele macneill in a bathtub after giving her a powerful combination of drugs. because the medical examiner reports were in-cop clconclusiv hire an expert to support their theory. >> so your examination of the lungs and the microscopic slides of the lungs support a finding much drowning? >> yes. >> reporter: prosecutors had no direct evidence against
macneill, their case relies on circumstantial evidence including testimony last week from five of macneill's daughters that describe their father's behavior before and after their mother's death. including hiring his lover, gypsy willis, as the family nanny just days after michelle's death. >> i remember her going up in to my dad's room at night and then have the door closed and i just remember staying up at night thinking what in the world, i mean, i thought she was our nanny, why is she up in dad's room. >> he was making jokes about dancing, just laughing. made me sick. >> reporter: macneill's lawyers are expected to attack the credibility of the prisoners this week p as for the daughters, they argue that misplaced feelings of loss and anger have pushed them to lie about their father. >> you've made up the story that you told today since this interview, haven't you? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: prosecutors could
wrap as early as tuesday. so the jury could start deliberating his fate by the end of this week. ted rowlands, cnn, provo, utah. coming up next, it was a dramatic rescue. saving a 6-year-old boy from a shark attack. he was dragged to shore with the shark still attached. he survived thankfully. logan and his family are here to tell their amazing story. and harrison ford is here, dozens of iconic roles, legendary career and number one at the box office once again. enders game is the movie. the sman here to discuss and give us advice on what not to do on morning tv. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions.
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welcome back. boy, do we have a fish story for you. imagine a florida vacation turning into a nightmare for a family from alabama. 6-year-old logan hanby was enjoying a swim with his sister when he was attacked by a shark. that fish bit down on his leg and would not let go as his father dragged help to shore. thanks to the help of his big sister and good samaritans, logan survived and is here right beside me wearing his cowboy boots and ready to take on -- no you better not take on another shark. let's introduce you to the whole family. we have logan, leah, ken and donna.
i understand you were on a delayed hundred adelay honeymoon. you're at the beach, and all of a sudden you go in the the water. you're not even in the water two minutes and you hear leah screaming? >> we heard leah screaming and donna saw first a fin rode over logan. and i looked around and we took off. i thought it was jellyfish. >> you thought it was jellyfish, too, right? >> no. i know it was a -- mama, you know it was a sting like. >> and you started screaming. >> uh-huh. >> did you feel anything, logan, at that point? >> uh-huh. >> what did you feel? >> the tail. >> you felt the tail. so she's screaming. he's struggling. you must have moved faster than you've ever moved in your life. >> definitely so. >> we were very close. >> you weren't that deep. how many many feet of water do
you think? >> less than knee deep. >> so you run over, you grab him. get him out of the water and on to the beach. but the shark wouldn't let go. >> right. the shark was still attached to his lower limb. >> so what did you do? >> i was reaching thinking use your arm for a crow bar. i didn't have anything -- because it was hanging from his little leg and he's so small. and a guy come in and he saw me reaching and he pushed me and started hitting at him. >> just pounding him. and did it eventually let go? >> it did. >> by two guys punching it. >> finally let go -- >> around the snout and head. >> right there at the shore line. >> they were wonderful. >> and you grabbed him -- >> found my t-shirt, wrapped his leg up. >> he was bleeding pretty profusely by that point. >> yes, ma'am. >> leah, you not this shark has my little brother. >> yes, ma'am. >> what did you want to do? >> what i was going to do is my dad picked him up and i was old
enough to where they wouldn't push me back out of the water. i would just get something and kill that thing. >> you were so scared for your little brother, weren't you? >> yes, ma'am. >> now, do you understand, mr. lowe began, how lucky you are? how you does your leg feel today? >> good. >> do you have scars on it? a little bit? is there a mark? >> mostly scabs. >> because in was a couple weeks ago now. are you feeling any pain? no? >> a little bit when he walks a lot. >> see my foot? >> oh, i see your foot. >> it was scary the first three days. >> he wasn't in the hospital a terribly long time. they obviously did some stitches. and what other kind of treatment? >> they had to put him to sleep the wash the wounds out. gave him morphine twice. >> a lot of pain. >> x-rays. and after that, a few hours
later, he finally woke up and he was coming back for normal. and -- >> recompany issuprecocious and betting. he's a fisherman. are you concerned he'll want to stay out of tfof the water now? >> no, he's ready to go. >> that's my fish. >> you're not of a frafd tafrai water? no? >> we wanted to bring our babies home and logan was like, no, please. we were leaving on a cruise for the caribbean. >> did you go on the cruise? >> we sure did. >> and leah, how are you feeling about the water and the beach right now? >> i'm doing a little bit better, but i was scared at first. and by the time we got to an island called saint martin, i got in and started looking for seashells. >> i'm so proud of you. that's what you do, you go right in there and you tell that shark you're not afraid. >> and i caught a fish. >> you caught two fish while you
were on vacation? >> three fish. >> tell her about the third. >> tell me about the third one. was it a big one? >> it was a about 2-foot sea bass. >> that's about the same size of you. you caught a fish almost the same size at you. he said he wanted to try to go swimming while he was here in new york and i had to try to convince him it might be a little cold. i'm so grateful to you for coming all will way to talk to us and i know how grateful you are to samaritans. have you had a chance to talk to them? >> the next morning, we got to speak to all of them and we're still looking forward to seeing them again. we crust got back from the caribbean a few days ago. >> i hope you had some part of your honeymoon. and this little guy, he'll keep you on your toes for a while. and thank you big sister for taking such good care of your brother for us. leah, logan, ken, donna, thanks so much. what an incredible story they
have to tell. every fisherman needs a good story about when he was attacked by a shark. most of us make them up. good for him. coming up on "new day," it is the biggest movie in the country. enders game. a brand new sci-fi spectacle, there he is, harrison ford here to tell us about the movie and relate to another sci-fi space action movie you may have heard about. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase,
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harrison ford has starred in some of the most successful and critically acclaimed films in history and his latest enders game is in theaters right now. >> still think he's the one? >> understand, anticipate them. >> you're not ready. >> you're never ready. you know when you're ready enough. >> you go when you're ready enough. too true harrison ford. hear with us on the set of "new day". great to have you. >> nice to be here. thank you. >> gives us chills, that line. you go when you're ready enough. >> you're never ready. i lived that.
>> children on our future, we say it many times. this film looks at the proposition in a new way. tell us about it. >> well,the -- the imaginary world in which the story takes place is the future when earth has been visited by an invasion of another life form and creating devastation on planet earth. we have now a world government formulated for that reason and others and i am the commander of a training station which trains young people to fight this threat through drone warfare. and it is proposed that young people have the capacity to
manipulate information more quickly than older people, therefore they have a strategic advantage in this kind of warfare and they have these gaming skills to manage the drone warfare. so we have fount this young man and he's proposed to be the rig brightest and most capable to be trained and my job is to both manipulate and mentor him and get him ready for this coming invasion. >> so kind of like ep p tof the movie. >> yes. >> you've done so much films. not yours first science fiction, but you've done many others. when you position with regard to star wars, do you think of your time with that film differently today than maybe what it was like when you were kind of in the throes of it? does it mean different to you today? >> what it has always meant to me was a fantastic opportunity.
the success of that film really gave me opportunities i would never have had. and i'm forever grateful for that. and so i look back on it with great fondness. while it was going on, we shot in england and the english crew were walking around going -- >> really? >> oh, yeah, i'm walking away with a guy in a dog suit 7 feet tall. alec in his bath robe, carrie fisher with bagels on her head. >> that's how i dressed up for halloween. >> good. but you look at the story and you say what is this. and you say, aah will, i get it it's a fairy tale.
and so that gave me a certain sense of what my job was, because there was the beautiful princess, the sage old warrior and then there was the smart ass. and that was my job. >> we wish you good luck with this. enders game is the end of the movie. this is in theaters right now. and we'll be right back. . still ahead, we've been talking today about bullying and what it means to be a man. well, one little boy is proving it with a pair of pink shoes. it's today's good stuff coming up.
♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. welcome back to "new day".
a quick check of your headlines before texans coach gary kubiac said to be alert and stable in the hospital after collapsing on the field at halftime last night. the team saying the coach did not have heart attack. the alleged shooter at l.a. x. may have plotted his crime days in advance. a woman who knows paul ciancia tells cnn he demanded a ride to the airport at the last minute and then police showed up looking for him shortly afterwards. the judge adjourning the trial of mohamed morsi after a courtroom disruption by the defendants. morsi and 14 others began chanting calling that court invalid. just in, blackberry abandoning plans to sell the company and the ceo is stepping down. earlier this year, the mobile phone maker announced it will allow itself to be acquired, but now it is planning to raise its own funding in order to stay in
business. a bit of a change. in today's good stuff, ryan's mother, breast cancer survivor, so in honor of breast cancer awareness month which just went by, he wore pink sneakers to school. the nfl does it, so why can't ryan, right? of course the dopes of the world united and ryan got bullied. >> made me feel a little bit like depressed and sad because i knew that my mom had it and it really made me like doubt getting the shoes. >> it got so bad ryan stopped wearing the shoes. here's the good part. his classmates found out why he was wearing pink in the first place and why he stopped. they felt stupid, ashamed and rightly so. so the next day, at school, there was pink everywhere. pink shirts, pink shoes, pink hats, even pink socks. >> nobody should be made fun of for doing that because he was
supporting his mom and that's not very kind. >> look at all the pink around you now. how does that make you feel? >> really happy. i remember my mom last night crying with tears of joy. >> beautiful. it was right because of the cause and it was right because it was wrong to begin with to bully the kid. so they did the the right thing. ryaned h ryan had the strength to accepted tsend the message. >> and in a strange way, me a bigger statement by proving to everybody what the pin really meant. >> standing up to cancer and bullies. >> very nice. these stories come from you you, so we want more of them. cnn catch all of your good stuff, logon to cnn stuff. >> i love picture when we were doing math, remember? >> and if felt like they were teaching us math rather than the other way around. we're still working on that. hope you had a good morning with us. thanks for being with us.
time now for newsroom with carol costello. hello, my dear friend. hope you had a good weekend. >> i had a terrific weekend. happy monday to you if that's possible. newsroom starts now. happening now, coach collapses. >> he went down to his knee and couldn't get back up. looked like he was having trouble booreathing p. >> gary kubiac falling to his knees, now in the hospital. also accused l.a.x. shooter. >> did he ever express any hatred toward the government or the tsa? >> all the findings that came out this year, he was very upset about it and he thought that tsa abused their power. >> brand new exclusive information, a friend of paul ciancia speaking out. hatred toward the tsa and